Top Opportunities for Indonesian freelancers -

March 30, 2015

Top Opportunities for Indonesian freelancers

Thanks to the constantly growing online freelancing industry, Indonesians can finally make decent income from home. If you possess writing, designing, programming, or other types of skills, then you can easily start working online. 
There is a great choice of platforms that enable freelancers from Indonesia to connect with paying clients. You don’t need to waste time exploring several websites on your own; the following list of 8 platforms will help you make the best choice:

This website offers great opportunities for freelance writers from Indonesia. You can get a job for creative writing, academic writing, proofreading, editing, PowerPoint presentations, and more. The active writers working at make an average monthly income of $700 $800. 

2. Freelancer
This website offers a versatile list of working opportunities for Indonesian freelancers. The jobs are classified in various categories, which enable translators, writers, web designers, accountants, marketing agents, and other professionals to find a job suitable for their skills. You don’t need to pay a fee to create the profile; all you need to do is develop a detailed portfolio and start applying for jobs. 

If you have exceptional essay writing skills and hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, then you can start working on this website for decent payments of $6 – $14+ per page. Although the projects are more complex when compared to those you can land at other websites, the payments at are more generous. 

If the company approves your application, you will be expected to produce high-quality content free of any plagiarism, meet the deadlines, and follow the guidelines provided by the clients. 

You can get a freelance job in four categories if you start using this platform: design, promotion, development, and content. 
The constant work stream will enable you to get the desired volume of work. The effective communication system that connects the clients with the freelancers is one of the greatest advantages of this website. In addition, you’ll be able to issue an invoice as a freelancer. 

At this website, you can start writing on subjects associated to your interests and education. You need a Bachelor, MA or PhD degree to start working, as well as solid computer skills and a stable connection to the Internet. 

If you have any issues with the work or your clients, you can access the effective support department 24/7. 

This platform exposes you to hundreds of active projects classified in several categories: blogging, online marketing, writing, translation, retailing, accounting, photography, etc. The best part is that you won’t pay any commissions or fees on your earnings. The company requests a low membership fee on monthly basis. 

If you can work on various types of projects, you are allowed to create multiple profiles and make yourself attractive for different categories of clients.  

7. Compumatrix
This website was started as an international portal for innovative practices and solutions on online currency, ecommerce and digital monetization. Today, it serves as a social referral network where notable online entrepreneurs share their experience and advice. If you can become a regular contributor at Compumatrix, you’ll make decent earnings as a freelancer. 

* Make the right choice for your unique set of skills
Each Indonesian freelancer is skilled in different categories and has unique experience. Your qualifications should be the guiding point when choosing the right freelance platform for you. The options listed above will help you make the final decision.    

Melissa Johnson
Guest-blogger| Freelance writer

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